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A Rant

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Well, it’s been quite a while since I last set down words to paper with no destination in mind. Perhaps it is a sign of age and complacency that has led me to this stretch of creative drought- I don’t know. I think perhaps the last few years were just a bit too overwhelming. Creativity took a back seat to survival as I struggle to find my place amidst chaos.

Frustration. Pure & simple yet with that edge that gives it motivating force. The urge to move forward, despite the instinct to lag behind- take the easy road.

Strange times- living in a country seemingly bent on self destruction. Electing leaders and following philosophies that encourage ignorance. People claiming to be for education while they encourage censorship, book banning, and elimination of well founded science from our school’s curriculums. And further, wanting to replace knowledge & science with the ignorance of unquestioned FAITH and mythologized FABLES of a past never-was.

Thank goodness that we have arrived at a moment in human history where the ability to spread information to all corners of the globe is available to the many. At least for the moment, the internet has helped level the playing field a bit. Even though it holds more dis-information than information it remains a tremendous force for good in the world. Even though we must dig through mounds of trash to find the glimmers of truth below, the fact remains that those glimmers are out there. Anyone with the curiosity and desire to sift through the reams of data and use their innate intelligence to determine the truth within – CAN. This may yet redeem us all.

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