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Superficial Roadblocks

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Once I had found the entrance the rest was easy. It made sense, it was a hatch just as you would expect when entering a sealed chamber. Spinning open I raised it, at first with caution soon become confidence as nothing leapt to bite me when I felt round it’s edge. Not able to see the top of my own head, my hand groped it’s content, I simply grabbed a hold and tugged with all of my strength while simultaneously leaping and twisting my body round to be miraculously sucked through the hatch directly into my very own skull. Letting loose of my grasp as simultaneously I felt the omph of air and the snap of the closing gateway behind my trailing extremity. Changing focus from just past to that before realization struck that I was descending, quickly, and below approaching mightily fast was to appearances approaching proof, a dry and hardened spread of ground. A moment and this proved fact as distended body made impact and my confusion of mind became manifest further as my skull, or facsimile thereof met soil in a fashion that set bells to ringing within.

Fireworks criss-crossed my eyes, stumbling to stand while desperately attempting to slow down, regroup, reconsider, take a stand, perhaps a nap, something, but as yet I knew not what. Finding the situation not open to logical conclusion the decision was made to muddy forth. Re-assessing and reconvening on a regular basis until consensus is achieved and a path chosen as best to avoid, never to follow.

The rest of the class, having successfully negotiated with the Ferryman were skipping ahead, ready for the tour to start. A river of thoughts surged against the curving wall deeply etched with memories, taking new shape and history as the cascade left mark, a history in motion of which we now were poised to partake.

Inspired by Illustration – unknown source- please provide attribution if known